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Activated carbon is one of the strongest and efficient absorbents that because of the

very high surface of activity can remove a wide range of contaminants.Also, because

of the high capacity, ability of regeneration and low price compared to inorganic

adsorbents such as zeolites, is a unique material.

Activated carbon produce in kinds models and for several usages that one of most

popular usage is for water treatment. Some of important applications in water

treatment industry are : removing inappropriate taste , smell and color in drinking and

industrial water treatment.

Pars Apadana Trading co. is importer of various types of activated carbons with

various applications to Iran.

One of the main activated carbons import from JACOBI factory as one of the world's

oldest and most reputable manufacturers.  For more information about this company,

please visit

Two of the most widely used models in Iran are AquaSorb2000 and AquaSorb1000

that are used in industrial and drinking water purification industry

Technical specifications of these models are available for download from the

following links:



Download AquaSorb2000 catalog                      Download AquaSorb1000 catalog